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We specialize in aviation security screening and primarily perform freight screening at the Munich Airport.

The special security requirements of the aviation industry and the constant danger posed by terrorism demand a high level of professionalism and responsibility on the part of airlines and their supporting security companies.

In air cargo and freight, potential dangers are posed by explosive and flammable substances and by hazardous goods in the freight. The aviation industry has been and always is a target of terrorists around the world who know how hard continuous monitoring of freight goods is - unlike the tight controls which have been put in place in the meantime for passenger flights.

The supposed "freight security hole" has to be countered with material and personnel deployments. Corresponding laws and directives for airlines, freight carriers, and logistics companies have been put into place over the past few years.

About Cargoscreener

Cargoscreener offers broad-ranging support in the area of freight security to a degree provided by few other companies at the Munich Airport. Our reliable and motivated employees provide you with security-related services from a single source.

We provide customized solutions, take the individual requirements of our customers into account, and also adhere to all agency and legal requirements. Since early 2013, we are a member of the Bayerischer Verband für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft e.V.

Our Service Offering

§9 Luftsicherheitsgesetz (Aviation Security Act)

​An airline is obligated to provide protection against attacks in order to ensure air traffic safety. Among other things, it must implement security measures in the handling of mail, baggage, freight, and provisions, secure areas against unauthorized access, train security personnel, and secure aircraft.

Our service offering focuses on the screening, searching, and protection of freight according to §9 LuftSiG (Aviation Security Act). In addition, we also have know-how in the area of radiation protection.

Our goal is to offer reliable, continuous and high quality security services to freight dispatchers and agencies.

Where do we act on your behalf?

Significance of the Munich Airport

​The Munich Airport is number four of the German air freight hubs, after Frankfurt, Köln/Bonn and Leipzig. It is the freight hub for Southern Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, North Italy, and the new EU countries Czech Republic and Poland.

We are based at the Munich Airport (MUC, Franz-Josef-Strauß). On the one hand, we operate directly at the airport in freight buildings and on the aircraft.

On the other hand, our customers also place us in other locations in the logistics chain (regulated agent, known consignor). We operate anywhere within the area serviced by the Munich Airport.

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Our work is extensively based on the requirements according to EU/VO 300/2008 and EU/VO 185/2010.

Directive (EU) no. 300/2008 of the European Parliament and the Council dated March 11, 2e08 on joint regulations for civil aviation security

  • All freight, mail, and on-board provisions stowed in aircraft must be inspected!
  • Regulated agents and suppliers guarantee an uninterrupted security chain and continuous monitoring to protect against unauthorized access to freight, mail, or on-board provisions.
  • Known consignors and suppliers document a controlled shipment and guarantee its secure transport and warehousing.
  • Unknown consignors must pass their freight, mail, or on-board provisions through a multi-stage security check.

Our Employees

Security job opportunities

​Are you interested in a job with a high level of responsibility at the Munich Airport (MUC)? Do you already have experience in the field of air freight security? If you are also reliable and have above-average motivation, you should apply.

We place a lot of value on reliable and motivated employees who work for and with us over the long term. We also expect that our employees exhibit an above-average level of engagement, understanding, and active contribution towards our customers.

Of course our employees are employed and trained in accordance with the currently applicable guidelines and regulations.

The director Alexander DodenThe director Alexander Doden

Operational management and aviation security officer Karin SchwochauOperational management and aviation security officer
Karin Schwochau

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