Freight and mail inspection

In order to preclude the possibility of manipulations, all freight and mail shipments must be subjected to a 100 percent freight inspection before being loaded into an aircraft.

Cargo screening may only be performed at a correspondingly approved site by a regulated agent. So freight and mail are not only inspected at airports, but already at upstream points in the logistics chain.

X-ray machines which allow for scanning of anything from packaged goods up to container sizes are primarily used for freight inspection. In addition to fixed portal x-ray machines, mobile x-ray equipment is used as well.

Then there is also computer tomography, but this comes at a high expense. Trace detection (ETD) can be considered as a further inspection measure in addition to x-ray.

Secure supply chain

From the point where the security inspection is performed to loading, a logistics company has to ensure continuous monitoring of the freight in order to reliably preclude manipulation. This applies not only to the freight, but also to the warehouses, shipping vehicles, and all employees who come into contact with the freight. All of these security measures must be documented precisely and it must be possible to provide proof upon request.

The air freight inspection requirements demand a high level of discipline from the freight companies and require the security service providers to be on the ball at all times.

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